Tea Towels

Take a fresh look at Tea Towels

Transforming children’s drawings into practical masterpieces is made simple with our NEW ‘EASY’ ARTWORK KITS! Prices from £1.40 each.
Children do their drawings on our individual drawing templates. We arrange them all for you and send an email proof for your approval.
  • Children can do bigger and better drawings.
  • No more hours cutting, pasting, separating self adhesive papers
  • No more arranging drawings on big artwork boards
  • Parental Order Forms mean no unsold Tea Towels = more profits.
  • More time for Fundraising = more profits.
  • Finished Tea Towels look even better = more profits.
For those schools and organisations who still wish to produce their special designs themselves, our traditional ARTWORK Kits will always be popular. Please indicate which you prefer on our Order form.

Tea Towels for Fundraising

For over 20 years we have helped tens of thousands of children to transform their self portraits and drawings into unique tea towels. The fun, creative expression of children’s individual drawing and self portraits, captured on a practical item for the home, has delighted teachers, parents, guardians, carers and anyone who has received such a unique gift. 

Self Portrait Coasters

Alongside any textile project we are now offering the opportunity to print individual coasters with each child's unique drawing on! These High Gloss Wooden Coasters are priced at £2.00 each (including VAT) and are excellent way to raise more funds, as well as being lovely keepsakes.



These  innovative creations have helped schools, nurseries and PTA’s to raise over £7 million for their fundraising causes. Join the FUN with YOUR fundraising creations now!



Our premium quality 100% cotton Tea Towels are all manufactured in the UK. Measuring 79cm X 51cm (31” x 20”) our Tea Towels are second to none in size and quality.

See our PRICES here.

Choose from 18 vibrant colours:

Frame your designs with one of our distinctive, stylish and FUN borders!




If you sell 250 Tea Towels of one design at £4 each, you will raise £535 profit. If your school can reclaim VAT, an extra £77.50 can be added, which equals a total profit of £612.50.



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