Easy Kit or Traditional kit ... What's the difference?

Easy Artwork Kit:

We send you A5 size drawing templates for each individual child to do their drawings on. The artwork is then returned to us in our small kit boxes, along with the Co-ordinators Return Sheet, and we arrange the individual drawings for you, along with your school name, class names and whatever logos you require. (You do not need to do any resizing of drawings to fit the design ... we do all of that for you!) We email you the design for your approval and you can make any amendments if necessary.

The proof can be copied and sent to parents for taking orders. When you know how many Tea Towels, Bags or Aprons you require, we print your order. Simple and Easy. You then have 21 days to pay.

With the Easy Kit you can get some great detail into the individual drawings ... better than anything else that we have seen on the market. All our customers who have used this Kit love it!!!

Traditional Artwork Kit:

If you have time to spare and enjoy laying out and designing the artwork yourself, then this is the kit for you. Layout boards, squared drawing paper and a full set of instructions are included with this kit. Cut the drawing paper to size according to the calculator. The children do their drawings on the paper you have cut out, before they are positioned and stuck down. You can have any quantity between 10 to 300 drawings on one layout board, along with your school logo and anything else you might want printed on the design.

We have seen some fantastic designs created with the Traditional Kits over the past 25 years that we have been printing school Tea Towels.

What are Layout Boards?

These are sheets of card, slightly bigger than the Tea Towel. The border of the Tea Towel design is pre-printed on the layout board. When all the individual drawings have been stuck onto one layout board we call that a Tea Towel design. If you want to split the school up and have 3 separate Tea Towel designs, say Reception, Infants and Juniors, you will need 3 separate layout boards. Complete the details of your order (colours, quantity, border required etc) at the bottom of the layout board.